About Us

1Healthypet is an online dropshipping pet store providing access to affordable pet care products that solve new and current pet owners’ pet care worries & challenges.

We believe that our products give our customers creative and exciting ways to solve their pet care needs—from varieties of pet supplies to a wide selection of apparel, grooming tools, pet food, toys, and treats.

We made it our mission to provide new and current pet parents as well as their adorable fur babies with honest business by giving them the same love and care as we do for our own.

1Healthypet aims to grow as a brand that will help as many people as we can in taking care of their pets and help as many animals as we can to get a healthy and loving home.

If you have opened your home to care for a pet, we support you all the way and are here to help you raise one healthy pet.


1healthypet.com was established because of our genuine love for animals. 

Our team values compassion above all else, as each one of us, shares the experience of having pets as part of our families. 

Our love for animals started during our early years—Living in the country and in small cities, we found happiness in taking care of animals. From feral cats, stray dogs, and even discarded turtles. 

Our CEO—Sheila shares how having pets has impacted how she expresses her love, not only to her beloved pets: Maxie (her late rescue dog) and Baby (her rescue cat who loves to play fetch!), but most importantly how she expresses her love towards her children.

Like her, we believe that having pets teaches us how to love unconditionally and reminds us of the importance of making the most of the time we have on this earth.



“Now, just because pets don't outlive us and we have to outlive our pets, it doesn't mean that it's a lost cause to bring an animal into your home and give them a life worth living. 


They teach you compassion, they teach you to love, they teach you how to put someone else first, before yourself—Animals can't take care of themselves, and neither can kids. So, to be able to bring a pet in and have that dog, cat, or whatever you prefer… You and/or your kids will learn how to be more responsible, how to be deeply caring is a pretty great experience.


And because I plan to have my pets as long as possible, I do all that I can to make sure that they are well taken care of and make sure that their health is in order.”


- Sheila, CEO of 1healthypet.com



1Healthypet believes that opening your home for a pet brings in more good than bad, and if we had a chance to rescue all the animals in the world, we would do it in a heartbeat.

For now, that remains to be one of our long-term goals as a Brand and a legitimate business.

1Healthypet supports all pet owners and applauds those who invite rescue animals into their homes and show them the love and compassion they have within themselves. 1Healthypet aims to encourage more people to open their homes and their hearts to rescue animals. #adoptdontshop

If you have pet care needs and would like to help us in fulfilling our long-term goals, check out our Collections.


Changing the world, one healthy pet at a time.